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Disclosing a social drama like no other.


Your feelings will be triggered and your mind will be challenged.


My Name Is Khan was officially released in 2010, as a social drama. It was directed by the prolific Karan Johar, but other big names joined the fun as well – Gauri Khan and Hiroo Johar as producers. To add to its popularity, the cast included Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. The pair was last seen together almost a decade before My Name Is Khan, so it was an excellent comeback. Red Chillies Entertainment and Dharma Productions are the name behind the film, while FOX Star Entertainment was responsible for the distribution. It bought the film for 100 crore. In other words, My Name Is Khan is currently the most expensive Indian film ever made. It even surpasses Ghajini, which sold for 90 crore. These numbers alone should give people some hints about what to expect in terms of quality.


How My Name Is Khan gained so much popularity overnight.


My Name Is Khan had a prolific debut in the UAE – more precisely, Abu Dhabi. It debuted in February, 2010. A couple of days later, it was in cinemas all over the world. During the same month, it made a surprise appearance at the Berlin International Film Festival – the 60th edition. It has been almost a decade since it was released, so it is now widely available on DVD as well. However, there is still some swarm around it, mostly because of some rumors about a director’s cut.


My Name Is Khan was a hit – no doubts about it. It set one record after another as soon as it was released. For instance, it was the highest grossing Indian film around the world. It was the first to reach 100 crore outside of India. It held the position for a short time though, as the 2009 film 3 Idiots took it over in sales in 2011. It reached 70 crore within a month only. The DVD release was officially for India only. However, less than four months later, it was released globally.

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